Need Motivation! Please Read

If you are ever second guessing yourself or finding it difficult to take the leap and start exercising, please read this.  This is the inspiration needed for anyone to just get up and keep going, or jump in and start! This was sent to me from a member of our crew.


I am a 67-year-old woman who in the last 11 years has had to face some medical problems.  I attribute my ability to overcome these problems to 4 things in life.

In my life I have found that medicine is not the only thing to help a body heal. Sometimes eating the right thing, getting medical attention and sleeping 8 hours a night and all the other “good” for your body ideas are not enough.

A person’s outlook on life can and does make a big difference in one’s healing. When you are faced with a life altering illness it is hard to be positive, it is easy to get depressed, easy to just sit a home, easy to be a social drop out and yes easy to give up.


What gives me strength:

  1. My family supports me with all my decisions, always standing by my side giving me the emotional stability I need. Their love surrounds me every day!
  2. My medial team is quick to respond to my medical needs with consistent follow ups, always looking for new cures.
  3. Friends and co-workers lend their shoulders to lean on when I need them. They show unselfishness by taking time from their day to listen.
  4. My Fitness Group give me that positive outlook on wellness and the workouts challenge my body making me stronger by the day. A stronger mind, a stronger body is not a cure but it sure helps!