Message to TJ Power Fit Crew

Time to post the reminder to Register for TJ Power Fit Power Skating & Hockey Skills Camps 2020.


Before I head into that information, I just want to send some warm fuzzies to my entire TJ Power Fit Crew.  You have all stepped up in such an amazing way.  Whether it was continuing with your fitness programs and stepping out of your comfort zone into a world of new technology and workout formats or picking yourself up after an abrupt end to your hockey season.  You have all moved forward one step at a time as true champions do.  You are all athletes with a passion and dedication to your goal and I commend each one of you for finding some balance in your life to keep powering through and taking care of yourselves.  Another huge moment for this coach!   Congratulations Team and thank you for your continued support.

Power Skating and Hockey Skills Camps– Registration is open and ongoing.  Please visit “CAMPS”

Summer Camp- August 10-14

August Conditioning & Skills Camp- August 17- 31

Fall Camp- Sept 8- October 9

Fitness Classes– Registration is ongoing for all classes with options for training online and back in the Studio (June 8).  Restrictions apply and information is available under “Fitness Schedule”