March & April Spring Camps 2022 Wrap Up!

That’s a Wrap!

Thank you everyone for your participation in March & April Spring Ice with TJ Power Fit.  Any opportunity we have to work with the kids is a bonus for all.

I stress to the kids through out the season the importance of keeping up with the skating skills as they progress through the levels and their bodies continue to grow.  That is the one part of hockey that needs consistent and constant revisions.  Everything else will follow and seem easier when the skating skills are stronger.  Trust the process! Keep at it kiddos!

Watching these kids grow and develop over the years and achieve highlights in their hockey career is as much an accomplishment for me as it is them.  I am so proud of all my students and the work they put in.   This season marks 25 years as a professional coach for me.  I have been through every high and low with my students on and off the ice and have many great memories throughout my career.   I wish nothing but continued success for all my students.

Reminders & Updates for TJ Power Fit

Summer & Fall Camp information will be out this weekend (emails will be sent) and posted on the website

May & June Hockey Dryland (Fitness Classes) will begin May 1.  Please check website for class information or contact to discuss options available at your level.

Happy Easter and enjoy the break