Fall Power Skating and Hockey Skills 2020 Wrap Up

That’s a wrap!  Fall Camp 2020 completed last evening. 

We jumped back on the ice exactly 2 months ago today and have powered through each day and rolled with the uncertainty and ongoing changes that were presented to us.   It has been and overload of work, changes, and protocols to follow, but worth every bit of it to see the joy and love we all have for this sport.

We pushed through parking lot dressing rooms in +35 degree weather (I called it the PG version of Craven)

We became pros at entering and exiting rinks without parent help.  All our participants were amazing at  coming and going in the rink without parents and learning to do so much on their own.  They are pros at skate guards now!   Very proud of our young players entering the rink without parents and having everyone putting trust and faith in us to take care of their little people.

My coaching staff worked non stop at sanitizing, masking up to help with entry and exits, attendance taking etc (all over and above our regular routine in the past years) and continue to do an amazing job at coaching skills to all the participants involved in our programs.  I can’t thank you enough for your dedication and on-going support.  Without you, this just wouldn’t be possible!

TJ Power Fit is more than a business or my job.  It is my passion and I give everything I have to this.  I want to see success and goals attained for everyone that I work with.   Many of these kids become a huge part of my life (part of my family) from an early age.  When you work with someone from the age of 3 and now they are 17, it is more than just coaching skills on the ice.  Their success becomes my success!

It brings such joy when I see my athletes/participants finally nail something they have been working on, or when they reach that next level they have been working so hard to get to.  It is not an easy road, but the hard work builds character, teaches discipline and motivates to go after that next step.  Never stop working and pushing yourself to be better.

Very thankful for getting through these past 7 months working on these camps.  This weekend is a perfect time to truly thank all of you for your support.

Bring on the Hockey Season.  Our Crew is Ready TO GO!