Happy New Year Team!

As a new year approaches, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the TJ Power Fit members for the continued support, encouragement and gratitude.  It has been a roller coaster year and one we will never forget!  I hope you have all found some time over the holidays to recharge and have some down time.

Thank you for showing up each and everyday and continuing to enjoy your ice time or workouts.  Whether in the rink, studio or on zoom for virtual classes, we have managed to keep goals alive and smiles on the faces (even behind the sweaty masks).  There have been rough moments with tears, anxiety and frustration, but you all made it better by showing up and continuing to motivate and encourage each other.  We are in this together and one heck of a strong group!

The year has been full of emotions.  Finally getting back in the studio to teach after months of virtual classes and training on zoom.  First lap of the rink after so much uncertainty of even having a season.  Watching kids line the parking lot each day to get ready for Summer and Fall camps and hoping they would be ready to start their hockey season.   The list goes on and on!  I am one very proud coach to have the opportunity to work with such amazing people that have made each day the reason I have powered through to find ways to make things work to keep skating or working out.

Last day on the ice for 2020 has been bittersweet for me and one I will never forget.   This picture sums it all up and more.

Wishing everyone all the best in the new year and I look forward to smashing new goals with all of you in 2021.